Alexander Morton med Integra på roadshow Speaker

Zynka BIM & Integra’s ”roadshow”

Zynka BIM has the great honor to join Integra as they go ”on tour” to their offices around the country with a series of seminars. The topic is “the digital design phase” and the digitalization of the construction sector at large. Alexander Morton will be talking about news, challenges and trends in the BIM world. He will be highlighting new, innovative digital solutions that can support us in the work with digital building information throughout the whole project lifecycle.

The Integra “roadshow” kickstarts next week and will be coming to the following Integra offices:

Sept 4th : Karlstad

Sept 5th : Örebro

Sept 11th: Trollhättan

Sept 12th: Uddevalla

Sept 13th: Göteborg

Sept 18th: Malmö

Sept 19th: Jönköping

Sept 20th: Linköping

Sept 25th: Stockholm


If you want to know more and/or join one of the seminars, contact Alexander directly:




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