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We digitalise the built environment

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Zynka BIM,
We digitalise the built environment


Located in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö, we develop streamlined solutions and provide expert knowledge supporting all aspects related to the entire life-cycle of digital building information.

Digitalisation will drive the industry and your organisation forward increasing gains in both productivity and quality.

Our curiosity, genuine passion for new technology combined with deep knowledge of construction projects enables us to challenge the sector by driving digitalisation of the built environment while maximising added value for our clients.

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Strategy & Documentation

Working with BIM/VDC requires that the client can provide a Strategy.
This document describes WHAT is expected from every project member and for what it will be used and will be essential in the process of preparation and contracting of participating consultants.

For each project the client should provide a BIM Execution Plan (BEP). This document describes HOW the strategy will be carried out in the specific project. Zynka BIM AB provides all necessary documentation for our clients and their project.

One client=One strategy, Each project=One BEP

Revit Modeling

Before initiating conversion- and extension projects the project team need a 3D model to start working from.

Zynka BIM AB provides a Revit Master File with the existing building properly modeled and oriented according to current coordinates.

The Revit Master File can be made from existing drawing, 2D-CAD or by measuring or 3D-scanning depending on the character of the project.

BIM Management

Zynka BIM AB provides all necessary services to ensure that the BIM Collaboration meeting the put up requirements and to be responsible of setting up the Project Model. Tasks carried out in a BIM Management assignment are clash detection, massing, analysing, presenting and continuously publishing of Project Model.

Our role is subordinated the project manager and our strategy is to allow any software as tool and structure the exports for collaboration in the IFC format.

Quantity Surveying

Often a part of BIM Management but could also be carried out separately in early stages as a part of the investment strategy, in market stages to gain control of sellable area and in construction phase to monitor the material cost.

Design Management

In an extended BIM Management role we control and administrate the design process, setting up tools for exchange and monitoring deliverables connected to current consultant agreements.

Our Design Managers provide services based on traditional values carried out with modern methodology, always with the Building Information Model as primary information hub.


As a part of As Built-documentation of a completed project or as a model created from drawings for this purpose only, Zynka BIM AB structure and deliver Building Information Models structured according to the clients FM strategy.

When Zynka BIM AB are assigned to provide the BIM Management this model is always a part of the As Built documentation.


200 000 sqm mixed use, crowned by a 266 meter tower

Serneke Group AB are creating a new district consisting of residential, hotel and commercial facilites in the centre of Gothenburg. Zynka BIM AB is as a member of the Project Management team appointed BIM & Communication managers of the project through all the project phases.



Project name:Karlastaden
Client:Serneke Projektutveckling AB
Size:200 000 sqm
Services provided:
Location:Gothenburg, Sweden

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