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Client After Work @ Zynka Office

Last Thursday Zynka BIM, Semren-Månsson and Zynka Visual invited our clients to an after work mingle at our Gothenburg office. Discussions evolved around the future of digitalisation of the industry, emphasised by invited motivational guest speaker Gustaf Josefsson. The evening went perfect with a lot of interesting and rewarding discussions with new and existing clients and collegues. Among many things we showed the progress in Karlastaden, the innovation project A Working Lab (SB2), and a hands-on demonstration of our Facility management (FIM) solution together with our futuristic scanning trolley from NavVis (picture down in the gallery). Overall, events like this are very rewarding and we look forward to the next one.

Göteborgs-Posten A Working Lab In the News

Göteborgs-Posten – The future of real estate

This past weekend, Göteborgs-Posten published an article on Zynka BIM and Akademiska Hus, focusing on our innovative take on facility management and use of property technology. This is the future of real estate!

  • We want make more efficient use of our buildings, benefits for both property owners and tenants.
  • A build today has on average (roughly) 50 measurement point. With the innovation project with Akademiska Hus we’re aiming to improve that number to more than 20 000.

This is what we’re working towards with our innovations project “A Working Lab”! Read the full article below!

Read the article here! (In Swedish)


News BIM Alliance CMB In the News

Implementing largest collection of real estate data yet seen

Zynka BIM and Akademiska Hus are breaking new ground together in a project for BIM visualization in property management. – Within the next year, we aim to implement the largest collection of real estate data yet seen. It will be the foundation of a whole new service sector in real estate, erasing the border between inside and outside, says Petter Bengtsson, CEO of Zynka BIM.

Below you can read more about the matter. Also, check out the article that NyTeknik wrote last week! 

Read the article at BIM-Alliance here!
Read more about the BIM-Alliance event on how much management can advance BIM here!
Also, read CMBs post and check out CEO, Petter Bengtssons presentation here!
Zynka BIM world Munich Fair

Zynka BIM attending BIMWorld Munich 28-29 November

Zynka BIM, with CEO Petter Bengtsson, is visiting BIM World in Munich – a networking platform where the most important international players are attending. The fair stretches over 2 days, has over 3000 attendees, lots of workshops, over 80 speakers and over 100 exhibitors. If you want to know more about the event, follow the link below!


For more info visit BIMWorld Munich

Dagens-Industri-Zynka-BIM In the News

DI – Zynka BIM is Cutting Costs with Cutting…

Swedish construction industry has the highest prices in the European Union. An answer to lowering the cost is digitalisation, and Zynka BIM is leading the way – exactly what financial site Dagens Industri refers to in this article.


Read the article in DI here!

If you haven’t already, check out our Facility Information Modeling-tech (FIM): Zynka + NavVis = FIM-tech
Read about our Building Lifecycle Management (BLM) solution: BLM-portal
news Zynka BIM jönköping karriärum BLM-Portal

Zynka BIM representing @ Jönköping University fair Karriärum

It’s one fun event after another this week. After participating in the conference Digitaliseringen i Fastighetsbranschen as well as Chalmers’ employment fair VARM today, we’re off to Karriärum HI WORK employment fair at Jönköping Technical University tomorrow, November 22. We will be showcasing VR, AR, NavVis 3D-scan and BLM-portal!

Come see us there!

Read more about the event: University Fair – Karriärum


news chalmers varm zynka bim Chalmers

Zynka BIM representing @ VARM fair at Chalmers University

Also happening tomorrow, November 21: The VARM fair at Chalmers University, an annual employment exhibition where civil engineer students get to meet potential future employers. Stop by the Zynka BIM stand to discuss BIM technique and try the latest VR- and AR tools!

We have also 3D-scanned parts of Chalmers University with our new FIM-tech, here’s the link: ah.zynkabim.se

Read more about the technology used to 3D-scan Chalmers: bim.zynka.se/zynka-navvis-fim/

More info at varm-massan.se/

BIM News digitalisation conferense Conference

CEO Speaking @ Digitalisation of the Real Estate Industry

Tomorrow, November 21, the conference Digitaliseringen i Fastighetsbranschen (Digitalisation of the Real Estate Industry) takes place at Piperska Muren, Stockholm. Our CEO Petter Bengtsson will of course be there, giving a speech on digital tools for enhancing property operation and maintenance. Don’t miss out!

If you missed our latest tool, check out the article here: bim.zynka.se/zynka-navvis-fim/

Link to event: zynka.se/tiabkonferens.se/konferens-digitalisering-fastighetsbranschen-2017

Also, check out our BIM viewer: fim.zynkabim.se/


news Zynka BIM + NavVis NavVis

Zynka + NavVis = FIM

Zynka BIM is pleased to announce that we have now entered into a strategic agreement with the Munich based tech company NavVis to further enhance our digital building offering. We will now be able to quickly capture the as-built state using the NavVis M3 Mapping Trolley and visualize building data as immersive 3D walkthroughs with NavVis IndoorViewer software. By integrating NavVis technology into our existing offering, we can now create a digital twin of a facility from one day to the next, which can be populated with data integrated within existing asset information management systems.

Check out our digitalised office here!

“During the past year we have collaborated on developing a concept for producing Facility Information Models for the Swedish market. The key factors are cost efficiency, data validation and indoor navigation through AR-technology. Our mutual-beneficial partnership with NavVis will enable us to realise our ambition to digitalise the FM sector”, says Petter Bengtsson, CEO of Zynka BIM.

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Zynka BIM. Customers in Sweden will now have access to cutting edge BIM models that visualize the as-built state of a building or construction site that has been captured with the NavVis M3 Trolley. Strategically, Zynka’s ambition as a company to democratize BIM fits perfectly with our aim to bring the benefits of digital innovation to every building”, says Dr. Felix Reinshagen, CEO of NavVis.

We now have use cases for real estate, exhibition & museum, construction sites, manufacturing, transportation hubs, universities, warehouses and retail stores.

Are you interested in creating digital value of your facility? Contact petter.bengtsson@zynka.se