Region Östergötland Agreement

General agreement with Region Östergötland

We can proudly announce that Zynka BIM now started working with our general agreement together with Region Östergötland regarding BIM- and CAD-coordination services for Universitetsjukhuset in Linköping. This will be a great and exiting opportunity for us to work with refining the process of project and model information towards Facility Management.

Petter Bengtsson holding the prize and flowers on stage after winning guldhuset 2018 In the News

Petter Bengtsson WINNER of Guldhuset

Yesterday, Petter Bengtsson, CEO at Zynka BIM, won the prestigious Young Leadership Award Guldhuset 2018. The ceremony was held at Chalmers Conference Centre here in Gothenburg during the CMB Leadership Conference.

The jury’s motivation put emphasis on Petters’ drive and commitment and his ability to build a strong internal culture that motivates his employees to find their own inner drive. The jury also highlighted Petters’ strong believes in the power of a distinct vision that will enhance the feeling within each and every team member that they really are making a difference in the digitalization of the construction and property sector.

”If we are having fun along the way – great things will get done” says Petter Bengtsson. Read the full Swedish press release here: MyNewsDesk

You can also read more comments from Petter at CMB’s web page via this link: CMB article (in Swedish)

In the News

CEO, Petter Bengtsson nominated for Guldhuset

This year’s nominees for the Guldhuset leadership award are now announced and we are proud to share that Petter Bengtsson, CEO at Zynka BIM, is one of them! Centre for Management of the Built environment (CMB) at Chalmers University hands out the award every year, with the aim to stimulate the growth and development of young leaders in the civil engineering and construction sector. The nominees are all young role models with a healthy view on leadership. This year’s winner will be announced on 25th of April at the CMB Leadership conference. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

”I am constantly learning! I think a key factor is the ability to create a vision and be able to explain and engage in order for everyone to move in the same direction.” says Petter Bengtsson. Read the full article (in Swedish) here:

Göteborgs-Posten A Working Lab In the News

Göteborgs-Posten – The future of real estate

This past weekend, Göteborgs-Posten published an article on Zynka BIM and Akademiska Hus, focusing on our innovative take on facility management and use of property technology. This is the future of real estate!

  • We want make more efficient use of our buildings, benefits for both property owners and tenants.
  • A build today has on average (roughly) 50 measurement point. With the innovation project with Akademiska Hus we’re aiming to improve that number to more than 20 000.

This is what we’re working towards with our innovations project “A Working Lab”! Read the full article below!

Read the article here! (In Swedish)


News BIM Alliance CMB In the News

Implementing largest collection of real estate data yet seen

Zynka BIM and Akademiska Hus are breaking new ground together in a project for BIM visualization in property management. – Within the next year, we aim to implement the largest collection of real estate data yet seen. It will be the foundation of a whole new service sector in real estate, erasing the border between inside and outside, says Petter Bengtsson, CEO of Zynka BIM.

Below you can read more about the matter. Also, check out the article that NyTeknik wrote last week! 

Read the article at BIM-Alliance here!
Read more about the BIM-Alliance event on how much management can advance BIM here!
Also, read CMBs post and check out CEO, Petter Bengtssons presentation here!
Dagens-Industri-Zynka-BIM In the News

DI – Zynka BIM is Cutting Costs with Cutting…

Swedish construction industry has the highest prices in the European Union. An answer to lowering the cost is digitalisation, and Zynka BIM is leading the way – exactly what financial site Dagens Industri refers to in this article.


Read the article in DI here!

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