Project Drivhuset Visual

Project Drivhuset

Bringing new life to older buildings

In the center of Gothenburg, in the district of Gårda, you will find this late 80’s office building called Drivhuset. A combination of new constructions and renovation will bring new life to this real estate.


Project name: Project Drivhuset
Client: Vasakronan
Size: 15 000 sqm
Services provided:
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Humanisten Visual


Co-locating the University Institutions

Located in Renströmsparken you will find the center of The Faculty of Arts (Gothenburg University), Humanisten, which originally was completed in 1984.

A renovation and extension project that covers an area of approximately 25,000 sqm, which intends to co-locate the faculties six institutions to strengthen the collaboration within the faculty.


Project name: Humanisten
Client: Akademiska Hus / NCC
Size: 30 000 sqm
Services provided:
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden