Brf Kobra

Brf Kobra

Zynka BIM has the privelege to work as BIM-coordinators in this big and complex housing project together with HSB. The project consists of 270 apartments and a preschool with a direct connection to Teaterparken at Telefonplan, a central green area with close connections to central parts of Stockholm and with exiting industrial history.

Visual by: Zynka Visual

Nya Skattsedeln Lindberg Stenberg Arkitekter

Nya Skattsedeln

We are happy to announce the latest project Zynka BIM will contribute to: Nya Skattsedeln in Hägerstensåsen, Stockholm. This is a residential project containing 136 apartments ranging between studio and 4 bedrooms. The project holds 3 buildings and will contain a preschool and accommodations for persons with certain functional disabilities Read more (English).

Construction is planned to start this month (April 2018). The buildings are designed to meet the environmental standards of Miljöbyggnad Silver Miljöbyggnad (Swedish).

Zynka BIM will be contributing to the project as BIM coordinators, supporting Lindberg Stenberg Arkitekter during the construction process.

If you want to read more about the project you can follow this link:

NSM - Nya Sjukhusområdet Malmö

NSM – Nya Sjukhusområdet Malmö

A New Hospital in the City of Malmö

A total of 150 000 sqm with a healthcare facility of 110 000 sqm in the heart of Malmö.

Region Skåne are building a new hospital in the city of Malmö. Zynka BIM is as a member of the Project Management team appointed BIM Coordinators and Skanska and Peab are appointed contractors for this project.

If you want to know more about the project read the pdf from Region Skåne here!

Generel info:
Project name: NSM – Nya Sjukhusområdet Malmö
Client: Region Skåne
Size: 150.000 sqm
Services provided: Strategy & Documentation, BIM Management, Quality Management, Revit Modeling
Location: Malmö
Brofästet Visual


Surrounded by nature, but close to the city pulse

Located in the expansive area Norra Djurgårdsstaden you will find this modern residential block. The buildings are placed in a beautiful location with sloping topography facing the water along side of Båthusparken.


Project name: Brofästet
Client: Tobin Properties
Size: 80 apartments
Services provided:
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Project Drivhuset Visual

Project Drivhuset

Bringing new life to older buildings

In the center of Gothenburg, in the district of Gårda, you will find this late 80’s office building called Drivhuset. A combination of new constructions and renovation will bring new life to this real estate.


Project name: Project Drivhuset
Client: Vasakronan
Size: 15 000 sqm
Services provided:
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Pallas Tower Visual

Pallas Tower

Changing the city silhouette

This is an extended assignment for Järngrinden/BRA and their Pallas project in Borås. The renovation project of the old department store and car park Pallas and the two story residential extension – Pallas Roof.

And now Pallas Tower, a skyscraper – over thirty stories high, right in the city centre. We are continuing providing BIM-services such as BIM-Coordination and 3D-modelling.


Project name: Pallas Tower
Client: Järngrinden, BRA
Size: ca. 9.600 sqm
Services provided:
Location: Borås, Sweden
Nya Torget Visual

Nya Torget

Modern living in the centre of Norrköping

A residential project facing Nya Torget in Norrköping. Divied in to three volumes, with commercial use at the ground floor.


Project name: Nya Torget
Client: Botrygg
Size: 5500 sqm
Services provided:
Location: Norrköping
Kv 2 Norra Tyresö Centrum Visual

Kv. 2 Norra Tyresö Centrum

Long-term sustainability

With a modern irregular geometry, this 16 story building is one of the new landmarks of Norra Tyresö Centrum.  Divided in 108 rental apartments with various sizes from studios to apartments with 3 bedrooms. Quality of life and long-term sustainability is the primary focus.


Project name: Kv. 2 Norra Tyresö Centrum.
Client: Botrygg
Size: c. 100 apartments
Services provided:
Location: Stockholm, Sweden