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Zynka + NavVis = FIM

Zynka BIM is pleased to announce that we have now entered into a strategic agreement with the Munich based tech company NavVis to further enhance our digital building offering. We will now be able to quickly capture the as-built state using the NavVis M3 Mapping Trolley and visualize building data as immersive 3D walkthroughs with NavVis IndoorViewer software. By integrating NavVis technology into our existing offering, we can now create a digital twin of a facility from one day to the next, which can be populated with data integrated within existing asset information management systems.

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“During the past year we have collaborated on developing a concept for producing Facility Information Models for the Swedish market. The key factors are cost efficiency, data validation and indoor navigation through AR-technology. Our mutual-beneficial partnership with NavVis will enable us to realise our ambition to digitalise the FM sector”, says Petter Bengtsson, CEO of Zynka BIM.

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Zynka BIM. Customers in Sweden will now have access to cutting edge BIM models that visualize the as-built state of a building or construction site that has been captured with the NavVis M3 Trolley. Strategically, Zynka’s ambition as a company to democratize BIM fits perfectly with our aim to bring the benefits of digital innovation to every building”, says Dr. Felix Reinshagen, CEO of NavVis.

We now have use cases for real estate, exhibition & museum, construction sites, manufacturing, transportation hubs, universities, warehouses and retail stores.

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