Digitalizing every dimension

Through joint collaboration, BIM is changing the way owners, contractors and designers understand and progress the built environment.

Providing facts for better considered investments and ideas

By making information clear and accessible in every step of the development of a property, we create a shared arena for control and exchange of knowledge. It's the most effective way to reduce risks and eliminate waste of time and materials. In short: With the right implementation, BIM makes your job less complex and a lot more lucrative.


We strengthen your business intelligence

Any construction project starts with a vision. Zynka BIM helps you shape your vision and business strategy. We have digital models for analyzing, visualizing,predicting and proposing the most viable options based on real-life conditions.


We simplify the complex

Getting coordination, control and quality is just the start. We help you find more square meters, add greater flexibility and generate new customer values. When we visualize space, time and costs, everyone involved in the design process get better overview and more room for creativity.


We deliver ultimate precision

Everything works perfectly without interruptions or slip-ups. We coordinate efforts, reduce risks and costs, eliminate waste and save time by delivering updated and validated data to the contractors. With a digitized construction process, you can execute more projects at a faster pace.


We take management into the future

We deliver a digital infrastructure that enhances your property management and creates new business opportunities. Value is created when actual real estate data is aggregated, sorted and visualized. The information helps you make informed decisions about the future – both at a property and a company level.