This is our mission

These common values guide our priorities and bind us to a shared perspective.

Our culture, vision and values

Zynka BIM develops,innovates and challenges - with the conviction that digitalization of every dimension will form the societies of the future.

Our Manifesto

We are pioneers

The digitalization of the construction and real estate industry is crucial for the future development of our societies. By taking a leading position and driving the development of BIM in Northern Europe, we contribute to a carefully-built environment

With a focus on business value

Our mission is to be the best at understanding our customers' business. And to always generate maximum business benefit and profitability for them.

Throughout the life cycle

In a world of standardized solutions, accepted truths and uniform ideas, we are determined to contribute to better solutions and create value at every step of the process - from project development to property management

We make room for creativity

By visualizing space, time and costs, we help our customers find more opportunities. But creativity is also born out of a spirit of open-mindedness. We dare come up with a weird idea or crazy thought, because it might be the seed for the brightest solution.

We are challenging the industry

We also challenge our customers. We can do this because we challenge ourselves every day in a true pioneering spirit, constantly creating and searching for new technical solutions and services.

We share

Constant improvement is the key to optimizing every dimension of a real estate project. We believe in the spin-off effect, where meetings of minds make a good idea better. That's why we never stop listening, learning and experimenting

Our values

Our values

These values guide our attitudes, conduct and decisions and reflect the standards expected by our people.


We believe in challenging and developing ourselves in an open, collegiate environment. But we also challenge our customers to re-think and improve established ways of doing things, so we can to set a new standard together.


Being business-oriented means that we always have customer benefits in mind when developing new digital solutions. But it also means taking responsibility for our own profitability by ensuring that we spend the right amount of time on the right things – everything we create really has to be applicable and profitable for our customers.

Our culture

Employees - the heart of our culture

In order to offer our clients the best, we coach and support our employees to be the best they can be. Part of this is expecting the highest standards, so if you join us you’ll always be challenged, but also expected to take initiative. We encourage employees to increase their knowledge, develop their skills and enhance their performance on a continuous basis. 

At Zynka BIM we show each other mutual respect, no matter what the job title. We want you to have a job that you can be proud of, at a company you are proud to work for, with colleagues that you are proud to work with. We want our customers to get solutions and services that don’t just meet their expectations but exceed them. Our people are at the heart of our culture and success.